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Five Awesome Tips for Estimating your Wood Project

Planning a home project can be stressful and time-consuming, especially if you decide to do it yourself. You may not have the knowledge of how to approach it. Estimating the building supplies and wood your project needs is just one part of the process. Whether it’s your first time starting a building project or your second time, the tips below should be able to help you with making estimates:

Identity your Size of the Space you Want to Build In

Before heading to a local lumber yard to buy pressure treated lumber and other related materials, determine the size of your project. For this, you will need a two-dimensional calculation of the space will you build in. After you take measurements, multiply the length with the width of the space to come up with rough square footage.

Take Photos

You will need to bring the photos of where to build the project you take to the lumber yard. Those photos can help them visualize your plan. They are likely to notice something you don’t and provide advice on how you can improve your plan. Also, they can caution you on possible roadblocks which may occur.

Do your Homework

Learning relevant information about your project including ideas and costs can help in honing in what you need and want. A lot of lumber companies put out ads which list their lumber prices. Knowing how much the materials cost in advance can help you pick the kind of materials that suit your budget. Doing your homework can help you create your own plan and style.

Be Honest about What you Want

Even after you know what you want, you should be realistic about your budget. Think about your desired style, the materials you need to use and those you don’t really need. Take the timeline into account. Do you want the project to be completed by a certain date? Are you going to hire a contractor or do the job yourself? These factors will affect your budget.

Work with the Pros

Whether you want to work with the professionals at a lumber yard or a building contractor, your partnership with them reduces the stress you will have to endure. They will help you zero on what you want out of your project, what materials you should use, and how much you should spend. Experts at a lumber yard can work with you in nailing down the finer details and help you start your project with the right materials. Also, they can help you determine a budget which works for you.

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